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The significance peak are thought to be 0

The significance peak are thought to be 0

In this investigation, decimal details try shown regarding indicate and standard deviation and you may stratified details with respect to wide variety and percentages. T-decide to try was applied to compare the new mode and logistic regression investigation was used to evaluate the fresh new separate variables inside the postpartum anxiety. 05.

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After collecting data, results obtained from 174 pregnant women entered statistical analysis. 23 pregnant women were excluded from the study due to positive results from the Beck test. 9 participants with gestational diabetes mellitus, 2 cases of hypothyroidism, and 5 patients with preterm labor were hospitalized. 9 people did not attend follow-up and did not respond to telephone calls, 1 had a stillbirth, and thus 49 participants were excluded from the study. The mean age of the participants was 25.7 years. 42% of the mothers experienced the first pregnancy. 67.8% of the mothers were scored below 12 in Edinburgh’s postpartum depression scale and 32.2% had a score above 12. After examining the demographic variables between the two depressed and nondepressed groups including mother’s age, education level, job, type of delivery, sex of neonate, number of pregnancies, and father’s education and job, the household income was the only variable that had significant difference in the two groups and it was lower in the depressed mothers (p <0.05) (Table 1).

The information and knowledge connected with area of the parameters including prepregnancy weights, bmi, another and third trimester gaining weight, and type and you can full putting on weight during pregnancy have been also mathematically assessed. Read More »